10 10, 2018

Tariffs and Walmart…. What’s Going on in Wally World?

2019-04-09T18:08:55-05:00October 10, 2018|China, Tariffs|

By: Bob Brewer, VP of Marketing, Braumiller Law Group A few weeks ago, Walmart’s top brass in Bentonville Arkansas kindly asked the Trump administration to scale back on its plan to put tariffs on Christmas lights, shampoo, dog food, luggage, mattresses, handbags, backpacks, vacuum cleaners, bicycles, cooking grills, cable cords and air conditioners. In a letter to U.S. Trade Representative […]

8 10, 2018

New NAFTA: Who ‘dis?

2018-10-08T17:20:37-05:00October 8, 2018|Canada, Mexico, NAFTA, USMCA|

By Megan Mohler, BLG Fall Associate NAFTA is out. USMCA is in. Just before the September 30 deadline to submit the full text of the new US-MX trade pact to Congress, Canada was able to agree to updated terms and sign on to the deal, narrowly preserving the tri-lateral trade agreement that will replace the North American Free Trade Agreement. […]

7 10, 2018

Does NAFTA 2.0 Modernization Mean More Opportunity for Fraud?

2018-10-07T15:36:06-05:00October 7, 2018|Canada, Mexico, NAFTA, USMCA|

By Adrienne Braumiller, Partner & Founder Braumiller Law Group Many new technologies have erupted in the last 24 years, so sure, NAFTA was due for an update. Ecommerce has certainly also sparked the need for a facelift.  But modernized provisions for certification of origin (which is how countries determine which shipments qualify for duty-free status) may lead to more forgery […]

7 10, 2018

Navigating IMMEX/maquiladoras in Mexico

2018-10-07T15:32:37-05:00October 7, 2018|IMMEX, Mexico|

by Brenda Cordova, BLG Mexico Attorney In November of 2006, the Mexican government abolished the Maquiladora and PITEX Programs and created the IMMEX Program.  IMMEX stands for Industrial Manufacturera Maquiladora y de Servicios de Exportacion (literarily translated into English as Manufacturing Maquiladora and Export Services Industry). Generally, an IMMEX is a business entity authorized by the federal government to temporarily […]

7 10, 2018

U.S. Customs & Border Protection Enforcement of Trademarks

2019-04-02T20:14:50-05:00October 7, 2018|Intellectual Property Rights|

By Bruce Leeds, Senior Counsel, Braumiller Law Group If you go to the Trade tab at CBP.gov one of the featured items on the menu is Priority Trade Issues.  There you will find information on Intellectual Property Rights (IPR).  This primarily deals with CBP enforcement of trademarks and copyrights. U.S. copyright and trademark holders lose billions of dollars every year […]

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