BCG’s strength lies in our intense dedication to serving our global clients with integrity and impact. Our diverse trade professionals strive to provide creative solutions to our clients’ challenges while adding strategic value to their businesses. We believe strategic trade compliance creates a marketable competitive advantage and constantly seek to arm our partners with knowledge, training and tools to capitalize on their exciting opportunities in the global arena.

We believe organizations are ever-changing and deserve a partner that cares about their long-term success while proactively supporting their daily needs. Our trade professionals leverage their deep trade experience and best-in-class knowledge to bring innovative approaches to your organization. Braumiller Consulting proudly partners with clients in a wide range of industries, including:

• Aerospace
• Automotive
• Chemicals
• Energy
• Explosives
• Heavy Vehicles
• Manufacturing
• Oil/Gas
• Pharmaceuticals
• Retail
• Software
• Technology
• Telecom
• Transportation
• Travel