If someone impacts your business, you need to train them your way. Employees and business partners significantly increase or decrease an organization’s risk in the global economy. Quality training reaps exponential benefits throughout your supply chain.

Compliance teams often understand the need to keep abreast of the latest changes in global regulations. In addition, consider these business areas that are also involved in international trade and impacted by the same global regulations.

  • Purchasing evaluates products for profitability. Duty rates, anti-dumping or countervailing duty considerations and trade agreements all affect the bottom line. Under-estimating these costs could result in a product with a negative margin while over-estimating these costs could make the final price un-competitive.
  • Sales work tirelessly to develop your customer base. Global regulations impact what different organizations can or cannot do. For example, US anti-boycott regulations prohibit US organizations from supporting foreign boycotts. These considerations can come up in the sales process in many subtle ways.
  • Shipping and Receiving sees paperwork and completes forms that might include significant language. For example, a Shipper’s Letter of Instruction often includes power of attorney language.
  • Accounting, Human Resources, Information Technology and other departments often have functions that are impacted by global regulations.
  • Vendors work with you and other companies. Your expectations may not match those of other customers. This is often seen in areas such as supply chain security.

Braumiller Consulting Group, LLC specializes in custom-designed training laser-focused on your organization’s unique needs and goals delivered in a user-friendly, easily understood format.  We offer:

• In-person training
• On-demand, job-specific training
• Classroom training
• Blended training (in-person with on-demand access)
• Introductory, advanced and expert level training programs

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