Judy Davis

Judy Davis

Senior Trade Advisor


Judy is an accomplished professional who has built a career that spans US and global trade compliance, multi-modal transportation operations and security regulations. Judy has more than 20 years’ experience in the private sector advising small business and multinational corporations in areas of international trade and customs matters.

She maintains proficiency in a broad spectrum of international trade topics that are essential in today’s regulatory environment. Judy’s personal goal is to create a functional compliance environment that keeps the supply chain moving at the velocity needed for today’s business. Areas of expertise include:

Trade Compliance Assistance

• Product research for HTS classification and country of origin determinations
• Complete or divisional compliance program audits
• Training sessions and workshops for understanding and applying US trade regulations
• Written policies and procedures – for Trade Management or Security programs.
• BIS Export and Deemed Export research, preparation and license filing (SNAP-R)
• Product evaluation and CCAT rulings (filed electronically)
Transportation/Supply Chain Assistance
• IACSSP (Indirect Air Carrier Security) and CCSP (Cargo Screening Security) Program assessments, training, operation solutions and recordkeeping
• CTPAT: Development, 3rd party audits, process & partner solutions, and implementation
• Hands-on training workshops for cargo screening technology operation (including testing)

Judy is a skilled presenter and has often spoken at compliance conferences and seminars. She has developed industry-specific training materials and presentations. She has also served on the DFW Export Council and actively participates in trade group programs like ICPA (International Compliance Professionals Association), CCSP Solutions, Air Forwarders Association, International Trade Network, and CSCMP (Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals).

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