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In the United States, the textile sector is a key component of the U.S. economy.  U.S. Custom and Border Protection has consistently categorized textiles as a priority trade issue to ensure that textile imports fully comply with applicable laws, regulations, quotas, and free trade agreements, etc. As a result, the enforcement of trade agreements and legislative mandates categorizes textiles and apparel as politically sensitive industries and trade issues that are at high risk for non-compliance.

 For those in the apparel industry, it is crucial that your team understands the basics of import compliance. How can we help?  NCBFAA, in conjunction with the USFIA, has created an online Apparel 101 Training Course that could be a turn-key training solution for your company. Please join us for a free one-hour webinar on October 2nd as we introduce our new training course, explain what topics it will cover, and how it can help you and your company.


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