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Bill Sanders (Trade Advisor to BCG Group) and Christos Linardakis will be conducting “Valuations, Classification, and ECR” seminars in Chicago

Bill Sanders (Trade Advisor to BCG Group) and Christos Linardakis will be conducting “Valuations, Classification, and ECR” seminars at Lewis University -Oak Brook Campus, in Chicago, Illinois. August 15, 2014 @ 9:00 am – 4:00 pm Where: Lewis University – Oak Brook Campus 1111 West 22nd Street #700 Oak Brook, IL 60523 USA Cost: $375 Click here to purchase tickets

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Customs Broker Exam Preparation at Braumiller Law Group

The Customs Broker Examination will be given October 6th, 2014. So start preparing now! Join some of your colleagues in a preparation class presented by Braumiller Law Group. The class will cover all major areas on the test such as, Entry Procedures,Marking, Classification,Value, Broker Responsibilities and much more. Our training is useful even if you don’t take the exam! Our last brokerage class had an 80% pass rate! When: Thursday – Saturday, August 21st-23rd, 2014 (3 days) (Space is limited) Where: Braumiller Law Group Office training room 5220 Spring Valley Rd Suite #200 Dallas, TX 75254 (Spring Valley Rd & […]

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The Trusted Trader Program is on the Horizon

By Adrienne Braumiller For over a year now, Customs has periodically mentioned the development of another pilot program which seeks to increase the agency’s flexibility and company specific understanding of trade compliance and supply chain security. The new program, which is currently named the Trusted Trader Program, would consolidate Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism with Importer Self- Assessment. A better description might say that C-TPAT will be swallowing ISA since the Office of Field Operations, which oversees C-TPAT, will be taking over the functions currently delegated to the Office of International Trade, which oversees the ISA program. Under the newly combined […]

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Conducting Business in Mexico… Is it Safe?

A couple months ago, I covered the ever-growing competitive landscape between manufacturing in Mexico and manufacturing in China. Interestingly, some of you inquired about the obvious risks (non-Customs related) involved with manufacturing in Mexico, so I thought I would take a look at the current climate. It’s a given that Mexico’s war on crime is a point of consideration, and most likely contention, for companies deciding whether Mexico is a viable option for manufacturing. When looking at the statistics on murders alone in the past few years, one could only hope that the government has plans for change. Well, they […]

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